Weekly weigh-ins

In conjunction with counting calories, it's vital that you measure your bodyweight (and ideally body fat) on a weekly basis to determine if the calories you are eating are correct for your goals.

For example, I'm currently "cutting" (i.e. trying to lose body fat while keeping lean tissue - muscle etc.) and because I'm 113 lb, I'm eating around 10x that per day. I had my weekly weigh-in this morning and the scales show no change from last week.

There are two important points to take from this:

1) I need to reduce the calories slightly for next week.
2) I mustn't get discouraged by the lack of "progress".

Changing your body is a long process. There are no miracles, despite the numerous "Mum loses 4 stone in 3 weeks using this one weird secret" adverts on the internet and such. Those are the ones designed to take the pounds from your wallet instead... Realistically, you are looking at 6 months of effort, more likely 12 months for significant changes. This can sound arduous, but adherence to the diet needn't be 100%. If you diet strictly (counting the calories) 5 days a week, then a couple of days a week (ideally only one) are not going to impede progress. As long as you don't go crazy on those one or two days...

So, next week I'll reduce my calories slightly (about 10%) and see how I get on. I've been doing this for since the start of February and have almost achieved the levels of leanness I'd like (think Brad Pitt in Fight Club and other such cliches). This is the first time in my adult life where I haven't had a spare tyre around my waist and I have calories, protein, exercise and patience to thank. More on these fundamentals in a future post...


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