Protein Pudding!

So, the cut continues to go well and, despite being away working in Germany for the week, the combination of LeanGains (i.e. not eating during the day and just having all my day's food in the evening) and reasonable food choices (All-you-can-eat Sushi at Sushi Am Ring!), I lost about 2 lb. This is a little more than I would like and I need to be careful not to lose too fast, but I was concerned that I would over-eat. Obviously not! I made sure that I filled up as much as possible on wakame seaweed salad and sashimi, but I didn't particularly hold back when it came to my personal favourites, salmon nigiri and tuna maki!

Anyway, today's post is about the somewhat infamous Protein Fluff. I'll be using this as my pudding of choice for the next weeks / months of reducing body fat while retaining lean tissue. I ordered a whole lot of different flavours of protein from MyProtein, opting for the Milk Protein Smooth because this had the biggest range of flavours and, more importantly, is a mix of protein containing casein. Protein fluff with whey protein simply doesn't work - it turns into a glue-like paste instead of a nice fluffy pudding! (I tried it...). If you go to MyProtein to buy some, feel free to use my referral code when you register - MP17425 - to get 5% off your first order. I get some referral points if you do. I'd much rather you simply benefit from my blog though, and I can't stand blogs that try desperately to earn money.

So, my first experiment with Protein Fluff, which I would describe more as Angel Delight or custard, was pretty awesome! Here's my first recipe:

  • 75g Milk Protein Smooth (I tried Strawberry Cream first, but I've got another 5 flavours!)
  • 250ml Kara coconut milk (or use skimmed milk, water or whatever your preferred alternative is)
  • 20g flaxseed (I'm a big fan of this Linwoods stuff)

Blend / whisk / whatever for a while and you get a great, filling, tasty (if you don't mind the sweetness of sucralose, which is in the protein powder) and nutritious dessert!

This comes out at the following "macros" (if you use the flax and kara as I did):

  • Calories = 470
  • Protein = 67g
  • Carbs = 10g
  • Fat = 17g (10 of which are from the flax, 5 from the kara)
  • Fibre = 6g (all from the flax) 

If you didn't use the flaxseed, it would be:

  • Calories = 350
  • Protein = 63g
  • Carbs = 9g
  • Fat = 7g
  • Fibre = 0g

But I'm a big believer in keeping essential fatty acids and fibre in the diet at all times, but especially when trying to lose fat (i.e. on a calorie deficit).

Compare this to a typical sugar-free version of Angel Delight or equivalent:

  • Calories = 370
  • Protein = 12g
  • Carbs = 48g (of which 20g is sugar, despite it being "no added sugar!")
  • Fat = 14g
  • Fibre = 0g
Because this will be digested much more easily, it will cause a shorter, higher spike in blood sugar and lead to hunger much sooner than the protein-based dessert.

One of the, potentially surprising, facts about the human body is that of the three main macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and protein), only fats and proteins are required. Carbohydrates can be synthesised. Two important points to address with this are -

This does not mean that carbohydrates are bad.
This does not mean that all fats are good.

Carbohydrates are great in the diet when you want to maintain your weight or gain muscle (or fat!). But I find that they are not filling enough when losing fat and can be unhelpful when trying to control hunger.
The fats you want to keep in your diet at all times are things like fish oil, hemp oil, flax oil, olive oil etc.
Protein is so important when losing weight because it helps to prevent loss of the good stuff - muscle and lean tissue.


  • When maintaining weight, eat moderate protein, moderate fat and moderate carbs.
  • When losing fat, eat high protein, moderate or lower fat and low carbs.
  • When gaining weight (muscle), eat moderate protein, moderate fat and high carbs.


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