Tonight's dinner...

I'm truly into my cut now (i.e. reducing body fat while maintaining strength and muscle). I had to buy in some extra goodies to meet my nutrient requirements, the fundamentals of which are as follows:

  • Lower calories approx. 10% per week until I achieve a steady 1 lb per week loss.
  • Increase protein intake to around 1.5g per lb of body weight.
  • Maintain intake of essential fatty acids e.g. Omega 3 fish oil tablets (6 daily) and hemp oil (10 ml daily).

As you probably know, I eat all my food in the evenings for the following reasons:

  • Preparing meals to meet specific calorie and protein targets is annoying enough as it is. It's so much easier to do this once I'm home from work, rather than prepare things to carry with me in the day! Changing your body takes work, there's no denying that, but I like to make it have as little impact on my life as possible. Eating all your food in the evening also helps with social occasions.
  • There is lots of evidence to show that fasting for 12 hours - 18 hours is beneficial for blood sugar levels - check out LeanGains.
  • It's so much more satisfying eating some big meals in the evening, rather than nibbling through the day.

Currently, my typical meals (eaten between about 5pm and 10pm) look something like this:

  • "Salad" = Broccoli and two tins tuna for starters (~400 cals, 82g protein)
  • "Meaty Omelette" = Extra lean mince (or venison), egg whites, low fat cheese (~450 cals, 80g protein)
  • "Dessert" Cottage cheese, coconut milk (the milk alternative, not the thick creamy stuff for cooking!), 20g flaxseed, 10ml hemp oil, two scoops whey protein, a little creatine

On a workout day, I'll add some carbs, which are currently wholemeal pitta with the second meal and frozen blueberries with the dessert.

Total calories are approximately 11 x my body weight in lb, which I will continue to adjust depending on how the weight loss progresses. I don't want to lose too fast, as I'll be risking losing muscle.

The gym continues to be twice per week, following a Starting Strength type of routine - compound lifts of 5 - 7 reps. Zero cardio, other than a few minutes warmup. I continue to push the amount of weight each week. If I find I am losing strength, I might take a diet break over a weekend and increase the carbohydrates. I'll see how it goes...


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