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Finding the perfect diet and thoughts on magic bullets...

I've found the perfect diet.

It's perfect because:

I enjoy it.It's now effortless.I can do it forever.It fits around my lifestyle.I'm never hungry. It's perfect for me. It might not be perfect for you, but you can find something that works.
The magic ingredients for me have been:
1) Removing my sweet tooth by cutting out sugar (exceptions detailed further down).  2) Eating less often (once a day actually!) 3) less on some days and more on others (when I go to the gym for example). 4) much less carbohydrate. 5) more fat. 6) simpler food choices
Here's where I get my calories from:

The following links have been influential on my gradual migration away from carbs and towards fats:
Perfect Health Diet Mark's Daily Apple Hyperlipid
Here's an example of what I eat on a lower calorie / no exercise day:
Dinner (since I don't eat breakfast or lunch)
125g mixed vegetables 125g cherry tomatoes
Simmered / reduced down with a little butter, soy sauce, cider vinegar.