It's Your Body

Changing your body for whatever reason should be fun. It should be an ongoing process of learning and one that everybody ought to be interested in. We are deeply connected to our bodies and they are the most amazing tool we can hope to own. If our bodies are healthy, we can get on with enjoying life (think of the old saying "at least you have your health").

I didn't succeed in my fitness / health goals until I turned them into a game / project / learning opportunity. I suspect that this is true for anyone - make it fun in whatever way suits you. Realise it's going to be an ongoing experience that could last many months or years. Once you eliminate the idea of it being a temporary "diet", you can relax and enjoy the journey.

For me as a science and technology nerd, the body presents the most complex of chemistry sets with which to experiment with and learn about. The problem is that it's a delayed-reaction kind of experiment - you need to keep the conditions the same for many weeks before you can see their effect. I used to have unrealistic expectations about how fast these results would begin to show - like many people, I was inexperienced and wanted to believe the adverts about people losing several kilos of fat in a matter of weeks, while simultaneously getting stronger and more defined.

Realise that anyone can achieve the body they want. I do not believe that we are all so very different that "what works for one person might not work for another". Everyone obeys the same laws of physics as everyone else (calories in - calories out = weight change) and whilst it's true that different people have slightly different insulin sensitivities, for example, I don't believe that this is enough to warrant a totally different dietary approach.

The equation remains the same in all cases:

Calories + Protein + Resistance Training + Time = Success

Monitor body weight weekly and adjust calories as necessary for your goals.


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