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Supplements - the REAL secret...

This is an important post and hopefully, it will save you money and help you in your body-recomposition goals. Supplements, as the name suggests, are just that. For the vast majority of people, they are the least important aspect of training / health / fitness. However, because companies can make profit on them, they are advertised as panaceas - you know the adverts I'm referring to. Miracle cures to help you "melt, burn and destroy body fat!". The truth is that, until you get the basics, supplements will do very little to help lose fat or gain muscle. (An important exception is anabolic steroids, either oral or intravenous - these have a dramatic effect on muscle synthesis, but are powerful compounds that affect the endocrine system and have many potential side effects. They are also illegal in most countries, but are widely used, especially in bodybuilding competitions that are not explicitly designated "natural". I don't condone or condemn anaboli