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Fewer, larger meals may be more satisfying and good for you too.

Today's post is about the benefits of eating less frequently (aka intermittent fasting), especially for smaller people such as myself. As you might remember, I'm currently "cutting", or reducing my calorie intake to shed the last few pounds to get the abs showing through again. Given that I'm only 125 lb, my calorie intake when dieting is going to be roughly 10 - 12 times that figure, or 1250 - 1500 calories. In practice, I've found I need to go to the lower end of this even with a decent amount of exercise. At the moment, I'm losing about 1 lb per week at an average daily calorie intake of 1300. I do about four hours of exercise per week (two heavy weights sessions and two moderately strenuous yoga sessions). Remember also from previous posts that the absolute number of calories doesn't matter - it's more important to keep adjusting them depending on what the scales tell you on a weekly basis. At such a low calorie intake, I'm fin