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Brilliant and entertaining nutritional blog...

I recently came across a fantastic blog about science and nutrition by a UK vet called Peter. He basically dissects nutritional research papers to determine if they are well-controlled or not. For example, most "high fat" diet research papers are flawed in one of the following ways: 1) Using trans fats (e.g. hydrogenated vegetable oils) as the source of fat. 2) Including 20% of calories from sugar (as glucose / sucrose / fructose) 3) Poor controls 4) Poor models (e.g. gene knockout mice that may or may not represent anything like human metabolism) 5) Biased assumptions leading to apparent "paradoxical" results rather than assessing the results with an open mind and considering that other models may be incorrect. I highly recommend the blog, but it's perhaps a little heavy on the science jargon for those without a background in biology. Give it a go and see what you think: Hyperlipid I've gone through read every post and it's convinced me