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Finding the perfect diet and thoughts on magic bullets...

I've found the perfect diet. It's perfect because: I enjoy it. It's now effortless. I can do it forever. It fits around my lifestyle. I'm never hungry. It's perfect for me . It might not be perfect for you , but you can find something that works. The magic ingredients for me  have been: 1) Removing my sweet tooth by cutting out sugar (exceptions detailed further down).  2) Eating less often (once a day actually!) 3) less on some days and more on others (when I go to the gym for example). 4) much less carbohydrate. 5) more fat. 6) simpler food choices Here's where I get my calories from: The following links have been influential on my gradual migration away from carbs and towards fats: Perfect Health Diet Mark's Daily Apple Hyperlipid Here's an example of what I eat on a lower calorie / no exercise day: Dinner (since I don't eat breakfast or lunch) 125g mixed vegetables 125g cherr