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Buying Emerging Markets and Pacific ex-Japan...

UPDATE May 2018 - Since writing this post, I've changed my  opinion  on using technicals to determine entry and exit points. OK, so I have to admit I was hoping for some better bargains than this, but I've forced myself to follow my own "rules" - Emerging Markets and Pacific excluding Japan have just crossed up through their 21 week EMAs and SSTO s. That means I'm buying them. All other markets (US; UK; Europe; Japan) look expensive to me, although I'm at pains to point out that I have NO IDEA what the future holds. This is purely a rule-following exercise. Since I approximately follow the Permanent Portfolio (with personal tweaks of adjusting allocations based on long-run price averages and timing of equities and bonds based on long-term moving averages to avoid bear markets and buy into bull markets at the beginning when they are cheap), my current allocation to equities is 27.6% based on long-run price averages. I break that allocation to e