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Pullups from home!

Given the current situation, you need to get creative with workouts! Here, Karen from Lift-Wellbeing  and I are doing a pullup / chinup routine. I do weighted, so I'm using a dipping belt, holdall and sandbags to increase the weight. Pretty pleased that I'm still able to maintain / build strength while stuck at home! You could do the same using a chinup bar mounted in or on a door, but be very careful about the total weight the bar and/or door can take! This stand is rated to 120kg, so it can easily handle me (60kg) and 30kg of sandbags! Music:

Training never stops...

Ok, so just a quick update. Gyms are closed, which sucks of course, but that doesn't mean we have to stop training! I've posted my plan on the Facebook page. Photos and videos to follow... Hope this gives you some ideas!

Making weight, losing fat and a decade of experience...

OK, so it's been ten years since I started getting serious about my health / fitness. As you will have seen from other posts on the blog, it started as a result of 30 being around the corner and having always felt "skinny-fat" since childhood. Here's what I've achieved / tried / learned during this time: Got a six-pack. Lost it many, many times (bulked too quickly). Set local powerlifting records. Recently, lost some powerlifting records (I still hold the total and deadlift). Tried 3 meals a day... 6 meals a day (hated it). 1 meal a day (loved it and still essentially do this). Tried 3 times a week in the gym... and every other day... and every day. Experiment with rep ranges and sets. Tried cardio. Gave up cardio. Got tired. Overtrained. Got "depressed" (I use it in the temporary sense, not the medical sense). Got happy again. Tried high-carb... high fat... keto... zero carb (no plants - I really missed crunchy, fresh veg